20 Powerful Monday Blessings Prayer

As we pray for God’s Monday blessings in our life, May Monday morning blessings of divine grace, favor, healing, upliftment, support and prosperity fall upon us, our families and work in ways beyond measure as we begin this new and promising week.

As you are planning to have a blessed Monday, pray with us as we share with you some powerful Monday morning blessings images, quotes and prayers that will make God in his mercy, love and kindness to wonderfully see you through this working week in calm, peace and joy as you present you needs unto him with great faith and hope, Amen.

Every New week blessings prayer comes with the intention of making you to have a fruitful week ahead and as the first day of the week, Monday is often seen as a day to start fresh and new. It’s a day to set goals, make plans, and get things done. But Monday can also be a day of dread, especially if you’re not looking forward to the week ahead.

Why Are Monday Blessings Prayer Important?

Mondays can be tough for a lot of people, as they signal the end of the weekend and the beginning of the workweek.

This early Monday morning prayers for blessings can help to shift our perspective and focus on the positive things that we have to look forward to

20+ Monday Blessings Prayer To Have A Blessed Monday.

Monday Blessings
Monday Blessings Prayer, Monday Morning Images And Quotes

1. By the Authority of the living God, as i step into this new week, mercy will speak for me, grace will locate me, favour will be my portion, I shall be the head not the tail and I shall experience all-round turnaround this season in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

2. This new week, the lord shall teach you what to say before your benefactors, Every spirit of error shall depart from you, the Shekinah glory of the lord shall be your banner, i decree, your entitlement shall not be given to another, among those that will be highly honored this week, you shall be number one, heaven shall release your blessings unto you in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

3. As we enter a new week, may God walk with you and give you strength, peace, joy and heal you with his amazing love , Amen.

4. God will make a way of escape for you, with his grace you will find your way out of the hardships that are obstructing you..

If u keep acknowledging him inspite of difficulties, he will remove all the stumbling blocks coming your way and direct your path. Don’t lose hope, God is standing besides you and he will never let u fall.

5. God is the best planner of your life, never show resentment towards him for anything been given or taken by divine destiny, know for sure he has saved you from difficulty.

6. It’s a new week and a new day Lord, as we start our day with you Jesus, may we have a blessed monday and divine favor in Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen.

7. Dear God, I have seen your Monday morning blessings in my life, I pray that you may touch the people around me, keep them happy and safe.

Give them love, compassion and care, bless them all with good health, peace in mind and kindness in their hearts in Jesus name, Amen.

8. Today, remember you can and you will succeed. You must believe in your abilities, Keep going and don’t let a few small setbacks stand in the way of your goals.

As you start this new week, believe in yourself and remember that God’s blessings are with you.

9. This new week prayer shall bring you goodness, happiness, favor and unlimited Monday blessings in Jesus name.

Mercy will locate you and your family and you will not labour in vain, anywhere your destiny helper is in the four conner of the world, they will locate you and bless you in Jesus name, Amen.

10. My New week blessings prayer for you today is that the grace of God will give you the enablement to do great things this week, God will bless you with peace and rest round-about.

God’s mercy will overflow into your family on daily basis, In the morning you are blessed, in the afternoon you are blessed, in the evening you are blessed and every day of this week and beyond the blessing of God shall overflow into your life and all that are yours in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

11. And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you. – Romans 8:11

12. Beloved, is a new week filled with great blessings and possibilities. God will surely give you the Best strategies to win and come out Victorious; Just give your self to His Instructions of Studying His word, Meditating on It and Doing accordingly. May God grant you great Grace to Obey in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

13. As you are reading this prayer, may the Lord bless you and protect you, may the lord smile on you and be gracious on you, may the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace, Amen.

14. Dear God, thank you for a new day and another blessed week, watch over my family, friends & whosoever is reading this bless them in a way they have never known before in Jesus name, Amen.

15. Heavenly Father, as I receive this Monday Blessings, I decree that I am blessed with everything I need, I am working hard towards everything I want and most of all, I appreciate and thank you God for what I have.

16. Have a blessed Monday as I wished for you a beautiful life filled with amazing moments that takes your breath away and remind you the value of little things is immeasurable, Amen.

17. As you receive this Monday morning blessings, go out and spread cheer, joy and love to all those around. May you fulfill this day with their smile and satisfaction.

18. Good morning blessing Monday, may God shine in everything you do, with a prayer that you will always be safe, not only today but always. May your day be always be filled with love, Blessings and Joy.

19. It’s a Monday blessings and it’s a new week as God is doing a new thing, he is opening doors, enlarging your territory, thank him in advance for this is going to be an amazing week.

20. Just as you opened your eyes this Monday morning, God is opening doors and opportunities for you.

Expect breakthrough, good news, answered prayers, Blessings and miracle in your life, Amen.

21. May the almighty lord give you strength and peace to get through this week in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

As you read out this Monday Blessings prayers and quotes, may the good Lord answer all our hearts desire with a new week and Monday morning blessings. Have a blessed Monday.

How Can I Share Monday Blessings?

Monday Blessings
Monday Blessings Prayer, Monday Morning Images And Quotes

There are many ways to share Monday blessings. You can share them verbally, in writing, or through social media. You can also share them with individuals or with a group of people.

Here Are Tips For Sharing Monday Blessings:

  • Be sincere and genuine in your blessings.
  • Tailor your blessings to the individual or group you are sharing with.
  • Be consistent with sharing blessings.
  • Make it a fun and positive experience.

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